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Wikipedia. [10 Jan 2008|01:02am]
[ mood | Lacking sources. ]

Alright, A situation has just come that I need to comment on. Wikipedia is my homepage. When I am bored I will keep hitting "random page" until I come across something I have already read. Although I do not edit the "pedia
" myself, I can always tell when the writing style is sloppy, and people havn't put enough thought into maintaining a professional style.

Wikipedia is an extension of my being.

Alright, So I'm watching Adult swim, and an add for Magic the Gathering comes on. I go, "Damn, I never played that, I need to know more, now!", and like that I wikipedia it. After that "Ghost in the Shell" comes on, and I go "Damn, It's been a while since I saw this show, I need to find out when this show first aired, right now!" and like that it was done.

Really, my point is that if some cyber-punk future occurs, where you can have the internet implanted in your brain.

I would be first in line for Wikipedia.

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News. [18 Dec 2007|05:30pm]
I got a tattoo.
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[17 Oct 2007|01:57am]
Dennett, Daniel C. "Higher games: on the 10th anniversary of Deep Blue's triumph over Garry Kasparov in chess, a prominent philosopher of mind asks, what did the match mean?." Technology Review (Cambridge, Mass.) 110.5 (Sept-Oct 2007): 98(3). General OneFile. Gale. Ithaca College Library. 17 Oct. 2007

Chess.(Life)." Winnipeg Free Press (Oct 13, 2007): f9. Custom Newspapers. Gale. Ithaca College Library. 17 Oct. 2007

Dillon, Matthew. "Chess: real-life business lessons from the grandmasters. Skills from the chess board to the boardroom." In the Black 77.1 (Feb 2007): 23(4). General OneFile. Gale. Ithaca College Library. 17 Oct. 2007
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[22 Sep 2007|12:10am]
I am every so slightly drunk, and updating my LJ.

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It was a blast when it all began. [15 Sep 2007|02:59pm]
[ mood | Wild and un-tamed. ]

Hello! Thank you all once again for coming to auditions for the Rocky
Horror Picture Show! I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you
guys are capable of.

Anyway, what you are all waiting to see... The cast list!

Brad Majors - Peter Claus
Janet Weiss - Christina Hasselmo
Dr. Frank-n-Furter - Morgan Ewing
Riff Raff - Chris Evans
Magenta - Emma Cohen Westbrooke
Columbia - Eva Curland
Narrator - Carrie Lynne Davis
Rocky Horror - Bryce Anderson
Eddie - Chris Rocco
Dr. Everett Scott - Pat Hulse

Hu-wha? The director has cast himself!? Yes, but I assure you that I
didn't want to have to. If I did, I would have made myself the Narrator

So that's the primary cast. Everybody else is a "Pet". This means that
you aren't required to come to most rehearsals (this will be explained
further) but if you do go to average rehearsals, you may be thrown in as
a prop or a bit character in a random scene. You will still have fun, I

Now... A few other things.

I still need a choreographer. If you're interested, let me know.

I don't have Eva Curland's e-mail (unless I guessed her school e-mail
correctly). If anybody has it, let me know.

Finally, and most importantly, we will be having our FIRST REHEARSAL
THIS MONDAY AT 7:30 IN WILLIAMS 202! Everyone who was cast or wants to
be in the show MUST attend this rehearsal. If you know people who
couldn't make the audition, then tell them to come to this rehearsal and
they're in as a Pet.

Monday is super-important because we will be watching the movie in its
entirety, I will be talking about all the details, and you will all
learn about the Rocky Horror mythology. I will also be collecting names,
phone #s, and e-mails for the permanent mailing/calling list. If you
weren't cast with a lead role and you don't want to be in the show now,
just miss this rehearsal and you will be set.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Your New Commander,
~Pat Hulse

I thought the friend's list, would enjoy this. Come see it if you want, it's up here in Ithaca over Halloween, so if you're interested, I could find anyone a place to stay up here. If not, I hope just the mental image keeps people warm at night.

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Games. [30 Aug 2007|01:41pm]
[ mood | Content. ]

Alright, so for all of those who don't know I'm up in college now. It's been a lot of a fun so far, and everyone should wright or visit.

Now the heart of this entry is this, I just wrote a very short paper on the subject of "What defines a game". I'd like to pose this question to my friendslist, and see what all you have to say.

What makes a game, a game. And what qualities must a game have to be considered that?

Wikipedia is a good source for reading, and I really would like to hear what everyone thinks about it.

Oh, also Amanda wrote my last entry, and I had nothing to do with it. I find it amusing that no one noticed.

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This is summer. [10 Aug 2007|11:14pm]
[ mood | Incredibly Warm. ]

It appears that I have found myself updating this god forsaken journal, mostly because it's been far too long since I last did such a thing and am completely bored at this moment which seems to be the reason for every time I do post.

To start off things, I am no longer a student at Deer Lakes, and on august 25th I shall be a freshmen at Ithaca. Looking back I am pleased with how the senior year turned out looking back at all that I did and see it as a good ending to my high school years and to start anew.

Towards the end of such high school years, I have taken it upon myself to get a job at the Cinemark in the mills. Working force I be in now, getting paid and being put down by the man where the only true perks are getting free movie swag and being able to watch films for free, which I took advantage of tonight by taking the Amanda Carto to see Stardust with myself. I say to anyone who considers me a friend will go and see such a film immeadiately.

At this moment I feel compelled to talk about the Amanda Carto and how much I love her. She has become like a third limb that I would never wish to separate with. Whether you choose this statement to be incredibly romantic or slightly odd is up to your own self, but I would like to think of it as the former. Originally I was apprehensive about Ithaca, with it being close to seven hours away from the Pittsburgh area, but I know in my heat that we will be fine for I love her and I truly do believe that she and I can make it through anything.

Since then I have become more excited about going to Ithaca and even have obtained a roommate by the name Giovanni who also goes by G and reminds me of Team Rocket. What ultimately made me to decide to room with such a character is the fact that he checked the Super Smash Dojo before myself at freshmen orientation. I believe if anything, choosing him has doomed me to a higher chance of failing out of my freshmen year due to too much Smash, especially with Brawl coming out in december.

Otakon has also come and passed. Overall it was a good time, but I have come to learn certain information that leaves me wanting to beat the utter living shit out of an individual named Tim. I do not want him dicking over my friends anymore or hurting Amanda and until something is done about this, my desire to hurt him will remain intact.

I believe I have never written so much in an entry and can only come to believe this is because Miss Carto has rubbed off on me. Perhaps this means a new leaf shall be turned and I shall update more, but this is highly unlikely.

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Today has been a long day. [15 Dec 2006|04:22am]
[ mood | Tired. Quite tired. ]

So I have decided to try and update, whenever Miss Carto would to improve my journal keeping habits. Thus far I am only three entries behind, and this would be 1/3 of the way to catching up. I ended up typing that first line, and then going off to play videogames for a good hour. This wouldn't matter to anyone else, but I am amused at lack of updating already.

So the biggest event in my life recently, would most likely myself being accepted to the Ithaca college. I would be all types of happy about getting in, because it was my first choice, and also because it means I am actually going somewhere next year. I tried to go with the "early admission" option, because I hear tell that it cuts down stress in the senior year, but I'm slightly unhappy being bound to one school now, for very important personal and logical reasons. Would anyone happen to know just how binding those objects would be? Besides that, I'm not sure where to go from here on the grand senior year. Crowd surfing again presents itself as a viable option, and that is always a smart choice.

This weekend should prove to be a very fun time. Hijinks are a foot, and they may even be sexy ones at that. I'm not exactly sure what I would be saying at this point, but the occasional free-form-though entry would never be a bad thing.

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I Am A Very Important Man. [25 Nov 2006|03:26am]
[ mood | Updating. ]

So I believe it shows just how bored I might be to actually consider updating this forsaken journal. Not really sure if I'm actually going to go through with this entry, but if you are now reading this it seems I have. If not only myself and the life-less either of this browser will ever see these words. This would be some Zen-Shit, really.

Today has been a very long day. To put it in short form, I woke up very early, was slapped by a girl I have not seen in many months, And quite miss the Miss Amanda Carto.

In longer form this would read as such. From the hours of 4:00 this morning until the hour of my writing this has seemed to take up quite a great deal of time, I woke up about 4:00 to go shopping for Black Friday with my mother in the area of Mc Knight. This was rather a nice time, because it's one of the only traditions my mother and I would have. We always make a point to get up that early without having anything certain in mind to buy. This adds some chaos to the normal slow pace that is Black Friday, I was slapped by Shelly for what I did to Kristina a few months back and probably deserved to be slapped by someone at some time. I actually didn't take offense to it, because what I did can only be medically described as a "Dick Move", but mentioning that I got slapped today seems to be a moderately interesting side-note. Also I am in a severe withdraw of the Amanda Carto sort. I believe the only logical conclusion to come to, is that she is in fact made completely out of some sort of crack cocaine, and I am merely going through a painful withdraw. It would either be that, or I really do love this girl, and even a few days apart seem like far too many. I am leaning towards the latter of those two options at the moment.

The day of my birth has also come and gone, making myself a legal adult. I feel rife with the power of filling contractual obligations, and full of the satisfaction of knowing I can be tried in court for my actions. I am also suddenly very cold, which I fear has nothing to do with being of legal age and has far more to do with lacking a proper jacket.

This would be all I wish to say to the world of LJ, but I have the sudden urge to to public-ly express again how much The Amanda-Carto-Girl would mean to me. I've never had that feeling in previous relationships, but I feel like I want to shout things from roof-tops and all sorts of cliche romantic feelings. I really do feel lucky to have her in my life, and she is the single most amazing person, I have personally ever met.

And that, I believe is all.

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Life goes on. [08 Nov 2006|04:13am]
[ mood | Awesomely-Awesome. ]

So it is again time to fill the world with knowledge of qwert's life!

My first thought of the day is how many people actually call me qwert? I never kept track of such a thing, and only know that the general Tekko/Hampton world calls me that, while Deer Lakes people would choose the god-given name. I believe I actually prefer qwert to Peter, because I love what Tekkoshocon would represent. That being a large number of things, but mostly a place where I really and true-ly feel at home.

On to what is new in my life!

I believe the only real place to start would be what has happened with myself and Kristina. For anyone that doesn't talk to either party involved often, her and I broke up about three weeks ago. The reason being that I acted like a complete and total douche-bag on quite a few levels. I cheated on her. It was completely my fault, and I did it for selfish and lustful reasons. I would currently believe it to be the worst thing I have done to someone, and feel more sorry about that single action than any other I have before or since taken. Sadly there is nothing I can really do to atone for such mistakes, but to learn from it and move on in life.

The qwert would continue to roll, like the Katamari of the heart...

Besides such, my own life has been filled with a variety of activities that I have not in the past engaged in. Firstly being the school play. I would be playing a geek into the "weird" who is lacking in fashion sense, but drop dead sexy. Typecast, am I! The play is a fun time in a lot of ways, which is many types of good because of the time it takes out of my life. If anyone would be interested in seeing me do on stage what I normally do in person, it would be showing at Deer Lakes High School, the weekend of the 17-19. It shall be a good time. Besides that I am trying my hand at Forensics, and have what many would call a "bitchin" partner, and piece for duo. I also signed up for and promptly quit swim, due to a lack of time from the former two activities. This all together would encompass more extra-out-side-school-yet-inside-school-work, than I have ever done in my life.

qwert needs to find better ways to segue into other topics...

The final happening in my life, would be a new beginning and something I am ecstatic about. qwert has completely fallen for Amanda Carto. I am in love. I met such a girl a little over a month ago at a Pine-Richland-After-Home-Coming-Party. I have never been the type of person to believe in "Love at first sight", being of the thought that it was something that took a lot consideration, to decide that you feel like that about a person. The way I feel about Miss Amanda Carto would shatter my previous views. She is the most amazing person I have ever met, and I believe I fell for her the moment I met her. At first it didn't feel right having feelings for someone so soon after things with Kristina ended, but I know what that this is love. The way I feel about her, is completely different and wonderful from the way I have ever felt about someone before. Actually, I'm still amazed how things are working out, because I feel that things would still be too good to be true and that the entire situation will end up being some crazy and beautiful dream. I am not quite sure what I would be trying to say at this point, but perhaps I am just attempting to express how strongly I feel about her, and how happy and lucky I am that she would feel the same way. I love Amanda Carto.

So to say the least things in my life have been interesting, and more recently Awesomely Awesome.

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Qwert is very happy. [30 Oct 2006|02:01am]
[ mood | Content ]

I am in love.

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[25 Aug 2006|03:41pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So, it seems that an update is in order. But really, Qwert's too lazy to make an entry. This is where Kristina comes in. 
*waves* Helloooooo, it's Kristina, and I've commandeered Qwert's Livejournal. Yes, commandeer. Like a pirate. Anyway, like I said, he's too lazy to update, so he gave me this momentous task. It should prove entertaining for all. Well, except for those that were looking forward to a real update in the life of Qwert. That I cannot give you. 

But what I *can* give you is some nonsensical blathering on about who knows what. Hmmm, what to say, what to say. Well, there's Otakon. It was a lot of fun, and many good times were had. He got to hang out with a lot of friends, some of whom I'm sure he doesn't get to see all too often. He bought some stuff, and all was good. Things between he and I are all good again, for those of you who may not be in the know.

Not too much else has been going on.  Oh! Pennsic.  Personally, I was only there for two of the days, but from what I saw it was a lot of fun.  The people there are super-nice and there's good eats.  Really, that's about all I can say about Pennsic.  I'm sure he can tell you more about it, but I really can't do much better than that, heh.

Really, nothing of a ton of interest has been going on lately.  He's been getting ready to go back to school, as I'm sure all of you out there in Livejournal land have been as well.  He's helping me move up to IUP tomorrow morning.  Haha, I get to wake him up reaaaaaaaally early.  I have to be at school at 8:30AM, so that means he'll have to be awake around 6 or so.  I'm pretty excited about not only waking him up early (which is always a barrel of laughs), but I'm pretty pumped about going to college.  Whenever he comes up to visit and you're free, tag along.  I like hanging out with sweet kids like you!  I'm assuming, of course, that you're sweet.  If you're not, then don't come up.  Haha.  So, uhhhhhh....yeah.  I don't really know what else to say, aside from the fact that Qwert is very lazy and I don't really know much of what he's been up to as far as hanging out with people and such.  So that about sums it up.

...Shameless self-promotion time!  I need new LJ friends, so if you enjoy cheesecake and random blatherings about nothing, you totally need to friend me! _y0uarestellar

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Otakon. [03 Aug 2006|06:17am]
[ mood | Otakon. ]


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[27 Jul 2006|11:47pm]
[ mood | Moderately rocking. ]

So, I'm not quite sure why, but I feel like being about the updating of my LJ. Prepare for a rant. This becomes much harder almost right away because I am presented with the same problem that normally keeps me from updating the simple fact that I have no idea what to talk about. Do the people reading really care about the goings on in my life? Do odd Quiz/Survey things interest anyone, but myself? I'm currently leaning towrads the former instead of the latter, so it seems that a stream of thought is in order.

To begin, I believe I need a hair-cut, although I have not a clue of the style. I'm becoming sick of a pony-tail/attempt-at-a-topknot, I'm currently thinking of something like Sanji from One Piece has, but because that is the best way I can discribe it, I'm thinking more thought about this needs to be given. I also need to pack for the Otakon, because I've got plans most of the week before hand, and I'm all bad about remembering to do that. I'm looking forward to Otakon this year, mainly because of the large number of people in the room. I'm honestly not wanting to be in that close proximity to Kristina, but what can be done? I think with that many people in two rooms, I should be able to keep whatever company I wish. Also, perhaps I should just stop caring about such things, who knows? Also, I believe updating my LJ may be my most subtle way to show affection. The Bloodhound Gang is also a surprisingly good time, yay for the expanding of horizons.

Oh, the "expanding of horizons" reminds me that I want to have another crazy Tekko-ite sushi gathering, so even if you are not from the wonderful world of Tekko, consider yourself invited. It shall be Thursday night most likely around 7 in the PM. The place really isn't that far from the convention center, so if you would be in the room, it's an easy walk.

I believe I may also be returning to my habit of putting in far too many comas in my sentences. So if this kind of thing offends you, I highly would advise you just deal with it, for it seems nothing can change it. I believe this shall be the second to last paragraph. From now I believe I should stop trying to be impartial when I explain controversal things to people. Its surprisingly hard to make a strong point while still saying that the other side has a point, Ahh, well. Besides all of that God of War is good time, One cannot help but feel bad-ass. I've noted that killing a Cyclops has the exact same input commands as making love, I can only hope this holds true to real life.

Well, in terms of how I feel and all of that good stuff, I'm doing "pretty well". Things are certainly looking up, which is also fairly easy because I believe myself to be all types of optimistic. I fear I may only really be updating because I enjoy putting things into the "music/mood" area. This seems to be bad, because it means that I could have a series of entries with nothing but such filled out. I wonder what the world at large would think. I believe this has been a successful LJ update for the follings two reasons.

A. I've started every other sentence with "I", and I refuse to read over what I have read, this will promote the ranting aspect.

B. I've taken up a good deal of space in the preview window, and that is how I judge my LJ content.

C. Really, there isn't a third reason, but again this would take up space in the preview window.

Well, I hope you feel better in touch with my life now. For it felt wrong to not have anything under the letters above, and I've run out of things to say. With the lack of flowing ideas this LJ entry has come full circle, and may be let fly to the ages. Oh boy, now I get to fill out the "Mood/Music" this should be a good time. Wheee.

*Edit/PS* I believe anyone who has read through all of this should recieve a prize, if you have, make a comment and you shall gain greater power then you could ever imagine!?

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Thingy-thingy-stuff! [07 Jun 2006|04:53pm]
[ mood | strangely rest-less ]

Well, seems I lost the election. Most likely for the best, because I am a lazy lazy sack of organs.

And now for something completely different.


Because both Kristina, and the Fate have posted this meme the laws that be force qwert to post it as well.

There's at least 1 person on your LiveJournal that wants to date you or sleep with you.

So lets play........ FRIENDS w/BENEFITS!!

The rules are simple...

If you want to date the person who posts this, post a comment saying "I'm yours."

If you just want to sleep with the person and stay friends, post a comment that says "I'd hit it."

If you'd be OK with either one, post a comment saying "I'm up for anything!"


THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS!!! & see who replies.

All responses will be screened!

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Thingy-thing! [02 Jun 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | Fairly Happy. ]

For those of you not currently in the know, I would be all about running for student body President at my school. Normally in these fine lands candidates will right a speech detailing what they have done for the school, and possibly their workout routine. I broke, neigh smashed this tradition, when I gave the following speech in front of the entire class. It sent our grade's teacher rep into fits of rage.

It was a fun time.

"Out with the tyranny of an old regime!

I am here to ask for your vote for class President. If I am elected I promise you change!
Right now our class is like caterpillar. A boring slightly green, and kind of slow caterpillar. But if I am elected, I promise you that our class will be transformed into a butterfly. Not just any butterfly mind you, but a butterfly that can breath flames and crush buildings under it‘s feet. I promise you changes like you’ve never imagined! As Seniors, we deserve more then the rest of the school. If you elect me, I promise you freshman will act as your butlers. I promise you that candy will rain from the sky. And, we will have Prom on the moon!

If you’ve ever thought that this school could use change, you should vote for me. If you’ve ever wanted to eat a sandwich, then you should certainly vote for me. If you are male or female, and between the ages of 6 and 37, then you have no choice but to vote for me! However, if you are a Communist America hating baby eater, then by no means vote for me. Because I do not support that kind of thing.

Really though, I believe everyone here would admit our school be better. In my mind there is only one person to blame for our problems. Have you ever wondered who was behind global warming? If you thought it had something to do with a declining ozone layer, then you have been bamboozled by my opponent. If you’ve ever wondered who assassinated William McKinley in 1901, I have news for you. It was in no way an anarchist, it was my opponent, who carried out this act, 88 years before he was born! What about the Titanic? A rogue iceberg, my foot! It was that kid right there! I also suggest that my opponent was behind the crash of the Hindenburg , The Black Plague, and that “itchy shirt” feeling after you get your hair cut. Yep, all him.

Because of all this, There is only one choice for president. And that, is myself. There are only two horrible mistakes you could make on election day. The first is doing an unmentionable act with a squid. The second is wasting your vote for someone who is not talking to you right now. A vote for me, is a vote for Freedom, and ice cream. Thank you.

All of the best Presidents, ran for the wrong reasons!"

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Test. [22 May 2006|08:48pm]
[ mood | I shall not study. ]

I was bored so it was again time for a pointless internet test. Yay, for things that are not studying for a final.

My Personal Dna Report

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Update for thing. [15 Apr 2006|07:01pm]
[ mood | Content ]

It seems the world wishes me to update. So here we go.

1. I'll respond with something random I like about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll name something we should do together.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me (or just me).
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll leave you a quote that is somehow appropriate to you.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal so you can do the same for other people.

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qwert would be bored! [12 Feb 2006|12:20am]
[ mood | Morally I must pick "bored" ]

qwert would be bored, and what does qwert do when he is bored? He takes purity tests! He also enjoys taking over the occasional third world country, but he was having trouble finding one today. I'm also feeling that things probably have changed since the last time I took such a thing.

Your Ultimate Purity Test 2.0 Score Is...
Your Score:Average For All UsersAverage For All Straight Liberal Single Pink-Skinned 14 to 20-Year old Males
(133 total)
Dating19.23%33.67%35.51%Gone steady
Self-Lovin'56.06%61.53%55.92%Master of your domain
Shamelessness88.71%77.81%85.71%Has yet to see self in mirror
Sex Drive69.05%75.71%81.56%A fool for love, but not always
Straightness20.37%40.27%43.25%Knows the other body type like a map
Dominant88.33%87.35%92%Afraid to cross at "Don't Walk" signs
Submissive85.71%87.77%93.23%Submits to no one... almost
Gayness100%78.93%93.71%Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick100%90.24%94.45%Refreshingly normal
Total Score75.48%74.32%78.9%
Take The Ultimate Purity Test 2.0
and see how you match up!

(By The Ferrett)

And because I want to put as much generic LJ goodness in one update as I can, here we go with two other like things.

"This is the problem with Livejournal: we all think we are so close, and we know so little about each other. I'm going to rectify it. I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me; something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. then post this in your Livejournal and find out what people don't know about you."

And because this one seems to be much more fun...

"If you had me alone...locked up in your house for twenty-four hours and I had to do whatever you wanted me to, what would you do with me? All posts will be screened because it's a secret. Then repost this in your LJ- or don't. You might be surprised with the responses you get"

Let's begin!

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More comma use then any entry would need. [22 Jan 2006|08:56pm]
[ mood | Very Happy. ]

Hmm, it seems the urge to update has struck me again. I still lack any idea of what to actually update about however. So perhaps this will become a flowing consciousness of thought, but perhaps that might be incredibly uninteresting to read so it shan't become that. I do however believe I feel like starting a new paragraph.

Most of what has been happening in my life would make a fair number of people reading this entry gag, and I take a moderate to high amount of happy-ness from that. Things with Kristina have been really really good. It doesn't quite feel like enough to write it like that, like I should attempt to italicize, or underline it in some form. I've never been very good at writing out this kind of thing online, without thinking it sounds tacky and cliche, which in all honesty it very well may be, but it's a cliche I'm really enjoying. And perhaps cliches are overused for a reason, because there are some feelings that can only be expressed in so many ways, and need to be expressed that way. This is also turning far more into flowing thought then I might prefer. What I do know is that I feel things toward her I don't really believe I've felt before, and I've said things to her, that I've never said before. Is all of that kind of vague and confusing? I kind of hope so, because it will make me seem like a deeper and more interesting person, and you shall all wish to talk to me about it.

Hmm, that was long and qualifies in almost every way as a rant, so perhaps I can sum up like this. I feel very different about Kristina, and I believe I love her, and if you really know myself, that is not a word I use lightly, or have really used before.

Besides all of that, I have not been spending nearly enough time on the Tekko boards, or with my Tekko friends. Sorry about that, and I shall try to work on it! I'm still having trouble accessing the boards from this computer, and I don't have nearly enough time on other computers, but I feel quite bad about going light on the Mod and Qwert related duties. So please don't forget the qwert, and I shall be all forms of back most soon. Besides that I'm quite excited for Tekko, and would more then likely be donating an item for the Charity Auction that I believe to be all types of awsome. I have not actually talked to any of the Tekko Staff about this yet, or actually had any outside opinion as to it begin awsome, so it shall be in the works.

Also, Mushashi:Samurai Legend has amazing art direction, but quite possibly the worst dub I have ever had forced upon me. So I'm slowly working my way through that game. Really though, the voices could not be worse.

Oh, I'm also making this entry "friends only" solely because I have that power.

{4 H4x0rs k4n 5p33K 1337--- 5p33K 1337?}

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